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25.250 Ft (19.882 Ft + ÁFA)
Vonalkód: 0603497852468
Kiadó cikkszám: 0349785246
Elérhetőség: Rendelhető
25.250 Ft (19.882 Ft + ÁFA)


Label Warner Bros. US
Műfaj Rock
Formátum 6 LP
Szín fekete
Anyaga 140g
Limitált vagy sorszámozott Nem
Származási hely EU


A1    Edge Of Seventeen
A2    Rooms On Fire
A3    Stand Back
A4    After The Glitter Fades
A5    If Anyone Falls

B1    Talk To Me
B2    I Can't Wait
B3    Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You
B4    Long Way To Go
B5    Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind

C1    Blue Denim
C2    Every DayC3    Planets Of The Universe
C4    Secret Love
C5    For What It's Worth

D1    The Dealer
D2    Lady
D3    Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
D4    Leather And Lace
D5    Nightbird

E1    I Will Run To You
E2    Two Kinds Of Love
E3    Whenever I Call You "Friend"
E4    Magnet & Steel
E5    Gold

F1    Too Far From Texas
F2    Sorcerer
F3    You're Not The One
F4    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
F5    Cheaper Than Free

G1    You Can't Fix This
G2    Golden
G3    Blue Water
G4    Borrowed
G5    Beautiful People Beautiful Problems

H1    Gold Dust Woman (Live)
H2    Dreams (Live)
H3    Angel (Live)
H4    Rhiannon (Live)

I1    Landslide (Live With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)
I2    Sara (Live)
I3    Crash Into Me (Live)
I4    Circle Dance (Live)

J1    Needles And Pins (Live)
J2    Rock And Roll (Live)
J3    Blue Lamp
J4    Sleeping Angel

K1    If You Ever Did Believe
K2    Crystal
K3    Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go